Everyone is entitled to 3 hours per calendar year from the basic insurance.

There is however an “own risk” part if you are over 18 years old. Also in case you have a referral letter. No more “own risk” left?  Then the 3 hours from the basic insurance will not cost you extra.

Do you have additional insurance? First you use up the 3 hours from the basic insurance. After that, you can claim supplementary insurance if you have one.

If you have been referred by a assistant of the general practitioner within the integrated care program (diabetes, COPD or CVRM), then the “own risk” does not apply and the treatment is fully covered by the insurance.

The rates are not the same for all insurance companies and we cannot influence them. The rates vary between €69 and €75 per hour. Additional costs will be charged for administrative costs for all consultations that are not covered by the insurance. These amount to 5 euros per 30 minutes.

In case you don’t have a Dutch insurance you ar still very welcome in our practice. You will receive the bill directly from us. You can always try to submit this bill with your own insurance company.

Didn’t cancel your appointment 24 hours in advance? Then we will charge for the lost time. This is called a NO SHOW rate for that appointment. That is 50% discount on the full rate which we feel is generous.

Why? Lost time costs money. We do have costs to be able to receive you, such as renting the location. If someone doesn’t come to their appointment, we can’t do anything with this time. We will also not receive any compensation from your insurance for this lost time. As a result, we have no income, but we do have costs. To accommodate you, we share 50% of these costs.