The PCOS diet

Do you have PCOS and would you like to know what diet can do for you?

Good to know:

  • Dietary advice is reimbursed from your Dutch insurance!
  • A referal letter is not mandatory.
  • You can come to all or our locations: Badhoevedorp, Amsterdam de Pijp and East. Digital consultations are also possible.
  • We have already helped many ladies with great results!
  • No expensive programs or hormonal/glucose testing. 

Why get help for your PCOS?

  • When you have PCOS the risk to get insuline resistance is higher. This means that you are more sensitive to developing diabetes. Also it means that you store fat more easily and it is hard(er) to loose weight in a normal way. A good PCOS plan will help you with that.
  • The chance for pregnancy is higher when you reach a healthy weight and to maintain it.  Equally important for being underweight or overweight.
  • When you have PCOS often your cycle is very irregular or non existing. Also you can experience a lot of complaints during your cycle. Dietary and lifestyle changes prove time and time again that improvement is possible! 
  • The hormone fluctuations also cause all kinds of complaints that have an impact on how you feel. You you don’t have to learn to live with, because:

You can achieve a lot with the right nutrition. You can improve your weight, you can lower the risk of diabetes and you can reduce your symptoms. Your cycle can also improve/become more regular. Whether you want to become pregnant, whether you want fewer complaints or want to lose weight, everyone is welcome for personal advice.

Who we are:

I am Annemarie 

For years we have helped women with PCOS. A personally fitted plan is our priority. With great passion, we are committed time and again to provide the right advice that suits you and your lifestyle.

Annemarie Delnoij

What our clients say:

“I have PCOS and for years I have struggled with my weight. I never managed to lose weight on my own. After trying everything it was time to get help.  Annemarie has a lot of knowledge of PCOS and was able to make suitable advice for me that I could keep up well. What made it extra difficult were my irregular shifts, but she also had a lot of practical tips for that. I never had the idea that I was losing weight. I was able to eat deliciously and I felt very energetic. In the end I lost 8 kilos and at the moment even pregnant! I am very happy with her and can recommend her to everyone!”

“Great and professional help by Wendy. With attention and care.”

“Good guidance, gives a good feeling and happiness.”

What exactly is PCOS? Read more about it here: