Irritable bowel syndrome – IBS

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a very common condition. More so with women than in men. But only a small group knows how to find their way to a dietician. And that is a pity, because you can achieve a lot with nutrition.

Get a grip on your IBS complaints again!

IBS causes many physical complaints and often results in a lower quality of life. In addition to all the physical discomfort, it also has an impact on your social life and your mental well-being. That is difficult to understand for someone who does not suffer from IBS. I became a dietician, partly because I also suffer from an irritable bowel. I know better than anyone how it feels (also read ‘about me’). In addition to being an expert by experience, I have also specialized in IBS and am the ideal dietitian to guide you!

Get a grip on your complaints again by talking about it, seeking help and receiving dietary advice that can reduce your complaints.


What does a treatment look like?

  • Through an intake we map everything: your complaints, lifestyle, nutrition
  • I analyze which foods and/or patterns may be causing your complaints
  • We are going to investigate step by step what happens if we make adjustments to your diet, at your pace
  • We find a suitable diet so that you can continue to eat tasty ¬†varied food without any worries
  • You will receive lifestyle advice that will help you with the everyday problems of IBS
  • I advise you on any supplements
  • The goal of the treatment is to reduce your complaints and increase your quality of life!
  • A possible approach is the FODMAP diet, to know more click on the link or make an appointment right away!

The practice is located in Badhoevedorp, Amsterdam de Pijp and East (locations) and appointments are also possible online!